Advance Directives

At Faith Regional, we are committed to hearing the voice of our patients throughout their care. We know there are times when patients cannot make decisions about their care known because of their illness or situtation. Advance Directives can be helpful for those making healthcare and treatment decisions on the patient's behalf. An Advance Directive is a declaration, written and signed by a competent adult, in accordance with the law, to give directions about future medical care or to designate another person to make medical decisions if the patient loses decision-making capacity. Faith Regional is required by law to ask all inpatients, age 19 or older, if they have an Advance Directive. Advance Directives include Living Wills and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care documents in which a patient's choices for health care decisions are outlined.

If you have an Advance Directive, please bring a copy of this with you. This directive will be used to guide the decision making of all care provided to you if you should ever become unable to communicate your desires about medical treatment.

For a template to create your own Advance Directive:
Download, print and complete our Advance Directive/Power of Attorney for Health Care template document (Click here for Español)

You can also print out this Advance Directives Wallet Card so you can carry notification of your Advance Directives in your wallet to access at any time.