Parents Plus Appointment

Around 33 - 35 weeks in your pregnancy, your OB doctor's office will provide you with information about Parents Plus. In this packet, you will find instructions for calling Faith Regional Women's and Children's Services at (402) 644-7520 to schedule your Parents Plus appointment. 

About Your Parents Plus Appointment

Parents Plus is Faith Regional’s pre-admission education program designed to provide you with basic information related to your pregnancy and childbirth. If you are delivering at Faith Regional, please contact Parents Plus to schedule an appointment that falls between 32 to 34 weeks in your pregnancy to talk with one of our nurses. This appointment is to guide you through the final weeks of your pregnancy and help organize your plans for the big day.

During this appointment, you will answer general admission information and review the consent forms that you will sign when you come to the hospital to have your baby. You will also receive education related to mom and baby care after delivery. Questions are normal at this time. Asking hospital staff members about your concerns is one of the best ways for you to obtain necessary information to care for you and your baby.

How to Prepare

Making the decisions below prior to your appointment, not only makes your appointment smoother but also helps create an easier and less stressful experience for you and your loved ones during your admission process when you arrive to deliver.

Decisions to be made before your appointment:

  • Who will be your baby’s doctor after delivery?

  • Do you plan to have your infant son circumcised?

  • Do you plan to breast or bottle feed?

  • Would you like the Hepatits B Vaccine administered to your baby in the hospital?

Prior to your appointment, a Faith Regional Heath Services admissions clerk may also call you to obtain information to get pre-registered.

Parents Plus: