What is involved in a Sleep Study

A sleep study can pinpoint the nature and cause of your sleep problem and provide the foundation for an effective treatment plan.

At the Faith Regional Sleep Disorder Center, patients begin with a sleep consultation to discuss his/her sleeping habits, lifestyle and health history.If a sleep study is recommended, he/she will stay overnight in one of the specially designed rooms, much like a room found in one’s own home, and will have devices attached to record sleeping patterns, breathing oxygen levels, brain waves, heartbeat, breathing effort and other parameters to detect problems during sleep. After the data is analyzed, the patient is called in for follow-up care and treatment.

Sleep studies can usually be scheduled within two or three weeks and individuals do not need a physician order to schedule a consultation.

Home Sleep Apnea Studies 

Faith Regional also offers home sleep apnea studies for qualified patients. These studies are all hand-scored by a registered sleep technologist and read by a local, board-certified sleep medicine specialist. These studies are very accurate because they use additional channels with sleep staging, including an electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram. The night of the sleep study, the patient comes to the Sleep Disorder Center to be connected to the device before going home to sleep. The patient is also provided with further instruction and contact numbers if he or she should have additional questions after leaving. Once the home sleep apnea study is complete, the patient will be scheduled for a follow-up with a sleep medicine specialist within 90 days.