Faith Regional Health Services’ Sleep Disorder Center has been granted re-accreditation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) for Sleep Lab and Out of Center Sleep Testing (OCST) for a period of five years beginning December 12, 2013.  OCST has been granted for the first time. The AASM is committed to ensuring that those in the field of sleep medicine provide excellent healthcare and enhance the awareness of sleep as an important element for health, public safety and the quality of life. 

“This accreditation validates the high standards of care that we have always provided,” said Diane McGill, RPSGT, Faith Regional Sleep Disorder Center. “We have worked hard to maintain excellence in patient care, treatment and follow-ups.”

In order to obtain accreditation, a sleep disorder center must meet the highest standards of quality patient care in all areas such as testing procedures and policies, patient safety and follow-up, and physician and staff training. As an accredited Sleep Center, patients can receive testing and treatments for many different sleep disorders, including insomnia, restless legs syndrome and sleep apnea.

At Faith Regional’s Sleep Disorder Center, tests are scored by registered sleep technologists and interpreted by local physicians who are board-certified in Sleep Medicine.

Patients referred to the Sleep Disorder Center are scheduled for a sleep consultation to discuss his/her sleeping habits, lifestyle and health history. If a sleep study is recommended, he/she will stay overnight in one of the specially designed rooms, much like a room found in one’s own home, and will have devices attached to record sleeping patterns, breathing oxygen levels, brain waves, heartbeat, breathing effort and other parameters to detect problems during sleep. After the data is analyzed, the patient is called in for follow-up care and treatment.