Total Knee & Hip Replacement

Faith Regional’s physical and occupational therapists are a key part of your medical team when having a total knee or hip replacement. They work closely with your surgeon and understand your surgery and recovery needs.

Prehab with Physical and Occupational Therapy
Before surgery, you may benefit from a few therapy appointments. Understanding your exercises before surgery helps you perform them more effectively immediately following surgery. Knowing how to walk with a walker prepares you to get up safer and sooner after surgery. Preparing your home with the proper set-up (i.e. strategically placing appropriate chairs in key areas, removing throw rugs, etc.) and having important equipment (i.e. front wheeled walker, bath bench/shower chair, etc.) already in place, makes the transition from hospital to home safer and easier.

Rehab after Surgery is Key to a Successful Outcome
Faith Regional’s physical therapists helped develop the education you receive before surgery and understand the entire process of a total joint replacement, from prehab, through your hospital stay, to home and rehabilitation. They have advanced knowledge, experience and skills to help you fully recover and return to an active lifestyle following your total joint replacement. Having one therapist work only with you during each therapy session ensures you will receive the most skilled therapy available to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.