McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method
MDT is a valuable system of evaluation utilized by the outpatient physical therapists at Faith Regional to treat back, neck, headache and extremity pain.
Most musculoskeletal pain is caused by a position, movement or activity. If a mechanical force caused the pain, it makes sense that mechanical force may help alleviate the underlying cause of the pain.
The MDT therapists systematically identify the underlying problem that causes pain and then develop a specific plan to correct or improve the mechanics, which results in decreasing or eliminating pain. The system emphasizes self-treatment and empowers the patient to treat his/her problem and prevent recurrences. 
Faith Regional Health Services employs 3 Certified MDT Physical Therapists, including Nebraska's first and only MDT Diplomate. Where other therapy has failed, MDT is often successful. Faith Regional’s scheduling of one patient with one therapist for the entire therapy session provides you with the most skilled therapy available in the area.