Concussion Management

Concussion management is an important aspect of Faith Regional’s Sports Medicine program. Medical teamwork is vital to the best outcome following a concussion.

Faith Regional’s athletic trainers provide sideline coverage to several local and area high schools and Northeast Community College, offering immediate care when a concussion occurs on the court or field. They are highly trained in assessing whether an athlete needs more medical attention or can be managed under their supervision with education provided to the family.

Faith Regional’s physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are critical to providing acute medical care, education and direction to other services, which can address some lingering effects of concussions.

Faith Regional’s physical therapists have advanced training in managing concussion-related symptoms of neck pain and vestibular dysfunction. Along with the athletic trainers, the physical therapists can assist with a safe return to play protocol.
Comprehensive concussion management is a priority at Faith Regional Health Services.