Aquatic Therapy

Faith Regional was the first therapy clinic in Norfolk to incorporate warm pool therapy onsite. Aquatic therapy provides a unique environment which can allow the patient freedom of movement that can be difficult to achieve on land due to the pull of gravity. Patients may begin rehabilitating sooner than would be possible on land alone.

The benefits of pool therapy include reduction of stress on joints, soothing muscle and joint pain, increasing circulation, decreasing swelling, and increasing range of motion, flexibility and strength.

The therapists at TheraPlay also incorporate the on-site pool into individualized treatment plans. Specifically designed water activities are used to improve function while the child has fun. The warm water environment and buoyancy property of the pool helps to reduce spasticity, relax muscles, and make some movements of the body easier. When strengthening is the desired goal, the viscosity of the water can be utilized with active movement to create resistance. This means the child receives the benefit of intense exercise from a comforting and fun environment. The hydrostatic pressure of the water can also help children gauge their own body boundaries and ultimately lead to improved sensory tolerance and awareness.