Faith Regional offers digital PET/CT scans through Shared Medical Services' mobile unit that comes to Faith Regional weekly. The scan combines a PET and a Computed Tomography (CT) into a fused image that provides radiologist or radiation oncologist with highly-effective imaging of the anatomy and metabolic functions of specific organs, tissue and bones. It enables doctors to see if structures are functioning abnormally inside the body leading to more accurate diagnoses. 

The new revolutionary digital 80 Slice PET/CT System avaialble offers:

  • 80 Slice CT
  • 1.4 mm lesion detectability
  • Scan times under 15 minutes
  • 550 lb patient table weight
  • Lower injected doses and improved image clarity
  • Deviceless Motion Correction to reduce misregistration
  • Metal Artifact Reduction to reduct artifacts in joint replacements, dental and metal implants 
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