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The Northeast Nebraska Child Advocacy Center (NENCAC) provides hope and healing to victims of child abuse. The NENCAC is a child-focused, community-oriented, not-for-profit hospital-based program in which representatives from many disciplines meet to discuss and make decisions about investigation, treatment and prosecution of child abuse cases. Professionals from child protective services, law enforcement agencies and medical and mental health communities work as a team to investigate and intervene in cases of suspected child abuse. Attention to the needs and abilities of children is the hallmark of our center.

In Nebraska you are a mandatory reporter of child abuse. If you suspect abuse or know a child is being abused, please call the Nebraska Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-652-1999. In emergent situations, call your local law enforcement or 911.

Our Services

At the NENCAC, professionals from law enforcement, Health and Human Services and other appropriate agencies can come together, discuss and decide what the next steps are in child abuse investigations. Law enforcement and Health and Human Services are the only agencies that can refer to the NENCAC and make appointments for services. Services provided at the center include:

  • Forensic Interviews with Child Interview Specialists. Forensic Interview Specialists are specially trained in child development and age appropriate communication, as well as the dynamics of investigative interviewing. 
  • Interview Observation by Law Enforcement and/or Social Services. Law enforcement and/or Health and Human Services repetitive interviews are prevented to reduce the child’s trauma.
  • Medical Exams with Physicians and Nursing Staff. Exams for physical and sexual abuse are conducted in conjunction with an overall wellness exam by medical personnel specially trained in child abuse assessments.
  • Child Guard Hair/Nail Testing. Children in environments where illicit substances are suspected to have been used are assessed for levels or exposure and ingestion.
  • Mental Health. Child abuse victims may be assessed to determine the child’s needs and referrals are made for appropriate therapy, support groups and other resources. Follow-up contact is provided to ensure that the victim’s family’s needs are being met.
  • Team Case Staffing and Review. Meetings are conducted regularly to review cases, coordinate services, discuss general issues and work together to improve reporting and investigation of child abuse.
  • Prevention and Community Education. Training for law enforcement, medical, education, child protection, and childcare professionals is offered in collaboration with other agencies. Tours of the NENCAC are also available upon request.

Resources and Supporting Agencies

The Midwest Regional Child Advocacy Centers is a regional training and resource consultation organization for child advocacy centers in the Midwest.


The NENCAC receives a portion of its funding from The United Way.


The Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers is a collaborative effort among all child advocacy centers in Nebraska.



Stewards of Children is a training developed by the Darkness to Light organization that helps adults to recognize, prevent and react to signs of child abuse. The NENCAC offers this training within their service area. The NENCAC is also recognized as a Partner in Prevention since 2011.

The NENCAC is a non-profit organization operating through funding from grants, donations and fundraisers. Donations of any size including non-monetary donations are accepted. Click to make a tax-deductable donation online or by phone through the Faith Regional Foundation. Call the center at (402) 644-7402 to make a non-monetary donation.

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