August 29, 2003

Transitional Care Unit Named One of The Nation’s Top 150 Best Performing Long-term Care Facilities

One hundred and fifty long-term care facilities have received "AAA" status on a list of the nation's top-performing nursing homes, according to the list's creator CareScout. Of these 150 facilities, four were from Nebraska, including Faith Regional's Transitional Care Unit (TCU).

According to the privately-owned nursing home rating company based in Massachusettes, a total of 16,400 government certified nursing home facilities were reviewed. The company's rating designations range from "D" to "AAA."
To achieve a "AAA" current state rating, nursing homes must meet exceptional quality of life and care requirements, maintaining full compliance with all eldercare laws and regulations, and be free of any health deficiencies as noted by state and federal officials, during the nursing home's most recent unannounced inspection survey.

"We don't hear enough about the nursing homes who are doing a great job delivering care," said CareScout President and CEO Robert Bua. "These nursing homes have demonstrably outperformed their peers on almost 200 specific quality of care and quality of life benchmarks." CareScout, formed in 1977, is the first private company to ever rate nursing homes. Although it uses much of the same data as the government, it also uses different criteria, such as a facility's violations, resident profiles and medical modalities.

What has TCU consistently done to be ranked among the top 150 long-term care facilities in the U.S.? It's a number of things but the interdisciplinary team approach to care, involving the patient, physician(s), TCU nurses, rehab therapies, nutrition, case management, social work, spiritual care and activities staff, is what sets TCU's outstanding level of care apart from other facilities, according to Lisa Parks, director of transitional care at Faith Regional.