October 29, 2004

Faith Regional Receives Edgerton Quality Award Again

Faith Regional Health Services was awarded the 2004 Edgerton Quality Award for Progress by Nebraska Governor Mike Johanns. The award was for the hospital's commitment to quality patient care. The Edgerton Quality Awards Program is patterned after the prestigious Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award Program recognized around the world.

The Edgerton Quality Awards are given to Nebraska organizations. Named after Harold E. "Doc" Edgerton, a Nebraska native who perfected the stroboscopic flash during his years at MIT, the award has come to embody the essence of the true quality process, be it end products and services, or the path taken to get there. The most important thing about the Edgerton Award is the wau an organization continues to improve over time. Edgerton award particpants engage in a program that asks for nothing less than excellence.

"The Edgerton Quality Award Program validates our improvement efforts and helps us think of healthcare as an important sector in the service world," stated Mary Meyer, director of Quality and Accreditation at Faith Regional. "Providing the highest quality care to our patients is a goal that our employees work everyday to achieve."