July 9, 2007

Faith Regional One of 22 Hospitals to Receive Award for Surgical Care

VHA Inc., a national health care alliance, has recognized Faith Regional for providing excellent care to surgical patients.

“We are one of only 22 hospitals to receive this award for surgical care, and the award validates the dedicated focus of our clinical staff and physicians to improve the care provided to our surgical patients,” said Mary Meyer, director of Organizational Improvement. “Preventing infections following surgery is a key objective of our surgical team. To ensure the proper outcome, our staff focuses on national indicators of quality.”

“Our participation in VHA’s Surgical Infection Prevention program helped us achieve a higher level of performance in this aspect of patient care,” said Meyer. This is the second VHA Leadership Award for Clinical Excellence awarded to Faith Regional. In 2005, the hospital was recognized for their excellence in heart attack care.

The hospital achieved at least a 90 percent compliance with all rate-based indicators to qualify for the award. Indicators are measured based on the following procedure groups: coronary artery bypass grafting, cardiac surgery, hip arthroplasty, knee arthroplasty, colon surgery, hysterectomy and vascular surgery.

The next surgical quality initiative at Faith Regional will be the prevention of surgical complication. “While this quality collaborative will continue to focus on infection prevention, it will also include care to prevent cardiac events, respiratory complication and thromboembolic events,” Meyer added.