Nurse Residency Program

We want to help new nurses build a foundation for their nursing careers. Our 12-month Nurse Residency Program was created to close the experience gap between nursing school and clinical practice at the point of care through mentorship and ongoing education. The program's ultimate goal is to provide new nurses with the confidence, support and success they need as they begin their nursing careers. 

Monthly Sessions

Each month, the Nurse Residency Program includes an 8-hour session that focuses on:

  • Stress management and self care
  • Interprofessional communication
  • Fall prevention
  • Medication administration
  • Professional development
  • Patient care coordination
  • Resource management and delegation
  • Care of the changing patient condition
  • Patient/family teaching
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Conflict resolution
  • End of life care
  • Infection prevention
  • Skin integrity/wound care
  • Quality and safety

Practice Projects 

Through the year, nurse residents will particiapate in and complete evidence-based practice projects independently or with a small group based on like interests. The goal of the evidence-based project is to support the nurse in moving from the academic environment into a clinical application. It ensures the care provided is based on literature and yields the best patient outcomes. 

Opportunity to Network

The Nurse Residency Program provides an opportunity to network with peers and support the new graduate nurse's transition from a student nurse to a competent, confident and independent professional. 


To be considered for the Nurse Residency Program, you must be a new graduate or have one year or less of nursing experience working in direct care roles within the acute care hospital setting. 


Fore more information, contact (402) 644-7471.