Honors Program

Our patients often ask how they can celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, with their loved ones. Others who are experiencing difficult times after suffering the loss of a loved one, ask how they can honor the memory of someone special. Many send cards or flowers, but some would like to do more. Our Honors program offers patients and their families a lasting way to remember the celebration of all aspects of life while touching the lives of others in a very special and meaningful way.

Through “everlasting gifts of remembrance” you are helping to provide life-saving equipment and training for our doctors and nursing staff.  In return, they are able to serve our community and surrounding areas with the utmost quality of care that we have come to expect and deserve. 

Donors may direct their gifts to any program or area of the hospital as the beneficiary and 100 percent of their gifts will benefit the areas they designate. We ensure donors' designations are honored and used as they intended. Whether you are honoring the memory of a family member or friend, your memorial gift to the Foundation is more than just a thoughtful act – it is an investment in caring.

How to participate in our Honors program

Please contact us by e-mail or call (402) 644-7302.

If you desire to have your gifts remain anonymous, please notify the Foundation. All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.