Employee Dream Team

The Faith Regional Dream Team is a type of employee giving that is focused away from a needs-based program to a dream-based program. This means you get to give to the things you are passionate about. The focus is not just about needs indicated by Faith Regional or even by patients but rather it allows you to decide where you want to contribute—fulfilling your dreams.

Maybe you have a passion for mothers and babies, or cancer has hit your family especially hard. Maybe someone you know has found comfort in some unique non-clinical services, like the Appearance Center that assists cancer patients by providing wigs, hats and scarves while they are recieving treatment. The Dream Team allows you to direct your dollars where you feel they will make the most difference.

Joining the Dream Team allows you to set up a recurring gift that is very different than a pledge. This is a donor-directed, dream-directed recurring gift that fulfills your desire to make a difference in your world, and it can be redirected at any time, should your interests change.

How to join our Dream Team
Please print out and complete our donation form and return to the Foundation office. For questions or more information contact us by e-mail call (402) 644-7302.

If you desire to have your gifts remain anonymous, please notify the Foundation. All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.