Charitable Giving

The Faith Regional Foundation offers residents of northeast Nebraska Charitable Estate Planning Services through Thompson & Associates at no cost and no obligation. We believe that when generosity is shared, everyone gains.

Thompson & Associates, one of the most successful and highly respected charitable estate planning firms in the country has more than 200 years of experience to help you create an estate plan that will provide for your present and long term living needs and for your heirs. They do not sell products, and they do not manage money. Their only task is to plan your estate according to desires.

If you have a current plan, they can recommend just a few changes that might improve your current plan. You just might find out how a little change here or there might reduce your estate’s taxes or other expenses, which will impact your heirs’ inheritance.  In fact, most of those who visit with Thompson & Associates have existing plans, yet they are extremely pleased with the thoughtful suggestions and improvements that are offered.

Benefits of working with Thompson & Associates:

  • Information shared is kept completely confidential
  • Receive a free, comprehensive estate plan which would typically cost about $7,500
  • Work with a professional advisor to accomplish your goals
  • Feel the satisfaction of knowing your plan will provide for loved ones and charitable organizations close to your home

Why do we offer this service?
The foundation has no hidden agenda. We offer these services because we believe that:

  • You desire to be good stewards of the assets that you have worked so hard for during your life
  • You would prefer to give a portion of your estate to worthy organizations rather than to the government, if possible
  • You want to arrange your estate so it may be a good thing to your heirs rather than serve as a distruption
  • We should assist others in formulating an estate plan that meets their values and objectives and is also based on current tax laws.

How to participate in our Charitable Giving program

Please contact us by e-mail or call (402) 644-7302.

If you desire to have your gifts remain anonymous, please notify the Foundation.  All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.