Payment Plans

If you do not have insurance and you are solely responsible for paying for your hospital bill, you may take a five (5) percent discount when sending payment. Your payment must be received within thirty (30) days of when you received your first billing statement. This does not apply to remaining self-pay balances after your insurance pays. We offer the following payment plan options:

  • 30-60-90 Day Plan: You may pay 1/3 of your outstanding balance each month. Your first payment is due within 30 days of your first self-pay statement. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service.
  • Monthly Payment Plan: If you need more than 90 days to pay your account balance, select this payment option. This is an open-end credit agreement. You will be able to add future self-pay balances once you have established your account. Monthly payments are determined based upon your current balance. View the following table for monthly payment plans:

Monthly Payment Plans

For assistance with payment of your account, please view our our financial assistance information. 

It is important that you select one of the payment options listed above.  If your account balance is not paid in full within 90 days or if you have not followed the payment policy guidelines, your account may be referred for further collection action.