Traci's Story

I attended the Breastfeeding Class at Faith Regional prior to having my first child with my husband. My husband and I learned so much from the class. Most people believe breastfeeding is a natural thing and will just come easy. I believe it is a natural thing but you do need to know some about how it all works. The class helped ease some of the questions of first time nursing mother like I was.

Breastfeeding to me was never a conscious decision; it was just what mothers are meant to do for their babies. However, with my second child Axton, I had to learn how to breastfeed even though he has a Milk and Soy protein Intolerance (MSPI) which means he cannot digest those proteins in my breast milk. With my first child she did not have this and I could eat as I wanted.

That is when I reached out to the Faith Regional Breastfeeding Support Group. I told the group of my struggles and another mother there said she had a similar experience and recommended eliminating dairy and soy from my diet. The lactation consultant, Joan Mozer, also said that it could possibly be my diet and offered to let me borrow  a cook book so I could get started. I was sad to lose those things in my diet but I knew I wanted to continue breastfeeding.

Since going back to work, I am unable to physically be at the support group at the hospital so I am happy to be able to continue to talk to Joan and other mothers through the Facebook Group. It’s so nice because you can ask about anything from supply issues to pumping to post-partum concerns and recipes!

My first child had to stay in the hospital for a full ten days after delivery and looking back as a breastfeeding mother, I really had it made. I had all my breastfeeding questions answered and assistance with breastfeeding for a full week by the wonderful nurses. Joan was there to help address my questions and concerns. With my second child I now use the Breastfeeding Support Group to help me.

I feel like the group makes it easier to feel confident in making the right decisions for my baby especially because breastfeeding is so beneficial emotionally and physically.

I think it's absolutely wonderful that Faith Regional offers this support especially in a world with internet at everyone's finger tips. This is a wonderful resource to communicate your questions at any time. I'm fortunate to have attended a group session at the hospital with both my children and get my questions answered plus find excellent resources. It really completes the circle of holistic care--having someone other than a doctor to talk with about your everyday questions as a mother.

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