Katie's Story

I delivered at Faith Regional and was very passionate about breastfeeding for many reasons but two in particular:

  1. Knowing how much more healthy it was for the baby
  2. I was unable to with my first child which drove me even further to want it to work with my second

However, I encountered a few obstacles while breastfeeding by daughter. She decided not to want to latch after about five days and I totally panicked! We used a nipple shield and that seemed to help. I began to notice that after a couple months of using the shield she was still constantly nursing.

Faith Regional Lactation Consultant, Joan Mozer, and the Breastfeeding Support Group helped me to get a plan together to wean her off of the shield as we all agreed it was slowing the milk flow for her so she felt the urge to nurse more. After we got through that it was smooth sailing!

For me, none of my close family members nursed their babies for long periods of time so I felt no support. I started going to the support group and it really helped me to be around other women pushing through and having some of the same issues as me. Someone always had great info or even just encouraging words! It was great support having women at all stages of breastfeeding there to bounce ideas off of!

I would absolutely recommend the Faith Regional Breastfeeding Support Group to others! Joan is great and has wonderful knowledge. If she doesn't know the best answer or solution to an issue you're having she always researches and can figure it out!! Support group was especially helpful to me in the early months of breastfeeding!

–Katie Jorgensen
Norfolk, NE

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