Eve's Story

I delivered at Faith Regional due to Norfolk being my home town (we relocated to Columbus) and we have family that live in Norfolk. Plus, it was comforting just being in the town I grew up and where I was born. I also really liked my OB/GYN, Dr. James Albion, he is fantastic so that is another reason I chose to have my delivery at Faith Regional.

I used the lactation services because I had met with Faith Regional Lactation Consultant, Joan Mozer, after the birth of Zoe and I feel I needed a follow up appointment with her because everything after birth seemed to run together. I was really exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically so it was harder to retain information in that moment.

There are several reasons I choose to breastfeed but the main reason is that it's fantastic for current health/growth and beneficial to Zoe even as she gets older when it comes to illness later in her life.

Of course, cost-efficiency and not paying for formula is a plus--why pay for something that your body already produces? It’s pure and, most of all, natural! It is also beneficial to the mother and her health as well. You also get to grow a special bond with your baby that only you get to do because you breastfeed!

I like the Breastfeeding Support Facebook Group because I can share my concerns any time of day. This is a huge advantage as a new first time mother. Also, reading other mothers' questions and concerns are helpful as well.

I am grateful that Joan was able to meet with me not only after birth for support with breastfeeding but also later at her office.

The lactation services helped me get through the true obstacles of being a first time mother as well as my first time breastfeeding. It also helps me mentally by giving me an ease of mind that I am doing things correctly or simply keeps me on track to not give up.

One thing I discovered is that my insurance paid 100% for my breast pump! So, those of you that are making the decision to breastfeed, check with your insurance about it because they may be partly or completely covered.

I would recommend Faith Regional’s breastfeeding services because too much of what's out there can be very controversial and confusing when it comes to breastfeeding your baby. Take the advice from the professionals!

Thank you to all the great staff in the OB department including Dr. James Albin, Faith Regional nursing staff and Joan Mozer, for giving me the support I needed!

Eve Hawkins
Columbus, NE

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