Candice's Story

I delivered at Faith Regional and I chose to breastfeed. I used the Faith Regional Breastfeeding Support Group, Facebook Group, Breastfeeding Class, and the Lactation Services following delivery because I wanted to provide the best nutrients for my son, and breast milk has the exact composition of what he needs to grow. The biggest obstacle my son and I faced in the beginning was getting the latch-on technique correct.

Overall, I thought the best support was the class and also the lactation services as an outpatient. Initially I set up an appointment with Faith Regional Lactation Consultant, Joan Mozer, and she was able to demonstrate how to properly hold and place my son at the breast, which then became easier with practice and Joan's constant support. By the next week I went to the class and we discussed how it had been going since our last appointment, and any other concerns. Without the support of Joan and this class, I feel I wouldn't have overcome this obstacle and eventually would have given up on breastfeeding.

Having all of these services to support my desire to breastfeed has truly been a blessing, especially since being a first time mom comes with a lot of questions and concerns. Each time I go to the Breastfeeding Support Group I learn something new about all aspects of breastfeeding, and I always leave excited for the next meeting and topics.

First I signed up for the breastfeeding class, which my husband and I attended a few weeks before the birth of our son. I enjoyed this class because it looks at all the different components of breastfeeding and showed demonstrations. Joan shared the Facebook Group with us at this class, which has educational tips and questions from other mothers. I thought I was prepared, until I actually attempted to breastfeed for the first time and this is when the hands-on demonstration helped tremendously from the lactation specialist and the weekly meetings. Joan does a wonderful job and all of us mothers feel at ease knowing a compassionate nurse and friend is always by our side when it comes to breastfeeding and our babies.

There are so many different services provided for breastfeeding at Faith Regional and they can be individualized to each person to better support your need to breastfeed your baby.

--Candice Schnoor
Tilden, NE

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