Dee's Story

Dee Rathjen of Pierce learned first-hand the benefits of hospice care when managing care for her ailing husband. He was referred to hospice when he became too ill to tolerate specific medication but wanted to still remain at home.

“I read some information about hospice care that the doctor gave me and thought I could handle this type of care myself, “ said Rathjen. “But I later decided I learn more and I’m sure glad I did.”

Rathjen and her husband received care such as visits from nursing staff, volunteers, therapy, social work and even a Spiritual Care chaplain. This helped Rathjen prepare and make arrangements for needed medical care and emotional support throughout her husband’s care.

“All the staff were awesome and helped make everything go smoothly. When dealing with an illness in your family, you are scared of what is going to happen next but they were always there to help me every step of the way leading up to his death and beyond.”

“I never realized what hospice care was prior to my experience with my husband, “said Rathjen. “Now I can’t say enough how much this type of care helped me through this difficult time.”

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