Carol's Story

Sometimes hospice care is not what you expect. That is how Carole Rush-Barr and her husband of Tilden came to experience hospice services. Carole had been familiar with hospice when her brother received care years earlier.

However, when her husband’s health began to decline, it was a struggle, at first, for both of them to accept that this type of care was needed. Her husband was a retired physician, and his family history included a 100 years of providing healthcare in the community.

Because of this, Carole knew interacting with healthcare providers would be a challenge but she knew that in order to fulfill his wish of staying at home, hospice care would be needed. Her husband was typically very outspoken with other doctors so she knew it would take the right personalities to help it go smoothly.

“We knew we needed them (hospice staff) but neither of us really wanted them,” said Carole.

At first, when hospice staff visited their home in Tilden, Carole would have to excuse herself from the room.

“They were very kind and understanding about letting me do that. But after the first week, my husband began to rely on them more. He even developed a good relationship with the doctor over his care.”

Both Carole and her husband were very impressed with all the staff that worked with them. One social worker, who happened to be named Carol, too, was exceptionally good.

“You knew she cared about people. She would just come in and not talk all the time about hospice but she was just a genuinely good person.”

Carole was able, with the help of Faith Regional Hospice, to make her husband’s wish of staying at home with her by his side possible.

“One thing I learned through this experience is that when hospice staff come into your house they are strangers but when they leave they are friends.”

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