Headache Therapy


To find the most effective headache relief, determining the underlying cause of a headache is key. There is a strong association between the neck (cervical spine) and the nerves in the head. As a result, problems in the cervical spine can cause headaches even if a person is not experiencing any neck pain. These types of headaches are called mechanical headaches. Mechanical headaches are very common and can be diagnosed without any radiological testing and effectively treated with physical therapy using the McKenzie method.

The McKenzie Method
The McKenzie method of physical therapy empowers individuals to take control of their headache symptoms through simple, specific exercises that can be applied easily at work or at home. Once the headaches are identified as mechanical, our Certified McKenzie therapist teaches specific exercises that are crucial to long-term relief. Often individuals experience relief within just three to six visits. If your headaches are found not to be mechanical in nature, we will inform your physician so that other treatment options can be explored.

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