May 19, 2014

Woodcarvers Club Makes Donation

The Northeast Nebraska Woodcarvers Club donated 32 hand-made crosses and birds to Faith Regional Health Services Home Health and Hospice.

A member of the club first got the idea for the crosses, when helping with Hurricane Katrina recovery.   Each of the birds or crosses takes approximately two hours to carve and sand. They are made in four types of wood, and in various sizes and shapes and are meant to bring patients hope and faith in times of need.

Each bird or cross comes with a card that reads: “Remember when you hold this comfort cross or bird that we sometimes hold the cross or bird of another in our hand. We make a choice each time we do. We can choose to touch it gently and increase its beauty by leaving a part of ourselves with it, or we can choose to handle it roughly and scratch it intentionally or through disregard. Even a light scratch will take the caresses of many people over a long time to erase. Traces of a deep scratch may remain longer than a lifetime.”

According to Roger Nadrchal, Club President, there are 30-35 club members, from Norfolk and surrounding areas, of all different ages and skill levels. They host monthly meetings and do one major community service project each year.

Nadrchal, along with members Rusty and Linda Petersen presented the donation to the Home Health and Hospice staff.

Above photo: Several Northeast Nebraska Woodcarvers Club members along with Faith Regional Home Health and Hospice staff hold a variety of the hand-carved crosses and birds that were donated to Faith Regional Home Health and Hospice to give to patients.
Photo right: A sampling of several of the hand-carved crosses and birds that were donated.

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