May 19, 2017

Volunteer Services Awards Scholarships

Faith Regional Volunteer Services recently awarded $12,500 in scholarships to ten area students for their contribution to Faith Regional through volunteering. These students include:

  • Ashlynn Baker, Doane University, $1,000
  • Amie Colligan, Lutheran High Northeast, $1,500
  • Adam Gray, Lutheran High Northeast, $2,000
  • Wyatt Hamer, Battle Creek High School, $1,000
  • Elizabeth Jimenez, Norfolk High School, $1,000
  • Ashton Lindsay, Wayne State College, $1,000
  • Jacob Mrsny, Norfolk High School, $1,000
  • Allison Sothan, Norfolk High School, $1,500
  • Makenna Strong, Norfolk High School, $1,000
  • Jana Unger, Norfolk Catholic High School, $1,500

“Volunteering is a great way to earn scholarships for both high school and college students,” said Suzann Bugenhagen, Director of Volunteer Services at Faith Regional. “Any student can apply for scholarships through Volunteer Services regardless of their future field of study.”

To volunteer and potentially earn scholarships, students must be age 14 years or older. Scholarship points are earned based on the number of hours volunteered. These hours may accumulate from year to year. To submit a scholarship application, students must have volunteered a minimum of 110 hours at Faith Regional. However, higher dollar scholarship amounts awarded increase with the number of hours volunteered so students who begin volunteering as a freshman in high school have a higher likelihood of achieving the maximum dollar amount. Scholarships are awarded based on the number of hours volunteered, community involvement, academics, letters of reference, volunteer performance and goals. In the past five years, Faith Regional has awarded $65,000 in scholarships.

Volunteers play an important role in supporting the services that put the word “care” in healthcare. From helping patients or their family members find their way around the hospital to working in the hospital’s gift shop and delivering flowers to patient rooms, volunteers add an important dimension to the care provided at Faith Regional. Plus, volunteers raise funds to help support the hospital’s mission. All of the proceeds from the hospital’s gift shop are given back to the hospital. In addition, volunteers organize and run various fundraisers throughout the year including jewelry sales, bake sales, book fairs, logo-wear sales and holiday-themed events.

Learn more about becoming a volunteer and volunteer scholarships.