February 7, 2014

New ACUSON S3000 Ultrasound System

Faith Regional Health Services recently acquired two revolutionary ACUSON S3000™ ultrasound systems from Siemens Healthcare. These multi-functional systems will provide Faith Regional physicians with the ability to use ultrasound to increase exam efficiency and dramatically improve diagnostic confidence.

“Our ACUSON S3000 systems truly expand our clinical insight here in our busy lab,” said Julie Katzer, Director of Radiology at Faith Regional. “The advanced technologies significantly enhance ultrasound image quality and the never-before-seen detail translates into more confident results for all of our patients.”

Using superior features and innovative applications, unprecedented image quality is achievable with the ACUSON S3000 system for virtually any patient, even those who are difficult to image. Now, general and OB/GYN images are more precise than ever before. A few highlights of the system include both 2D and volumetric imaging and enhanced crisp image quality. Original software and automated features deliver speed and consistent reproducibility in measuring exam findings, which eliminates the risk of human error.

“For general imaging purposes, the versatility and imaging capabilities of this system help to create a more comfortable and time-efficient exam for our patients,” said Dr. Brian Vonk, Medical Director of Radiology at Faith Regional.
The ACUSON S3000 systems, developed by Siemens Healthcare, will allow physicians to approach each patient exam with state-of-the-art tools and software to facilitate stellar image capture and therefore diagnose with greater confidence.