February 15, 2017

Faith Regional’s CIO Featured on Red Hot Healthcare Podcast

Brian Sterud, Faith Regional’s Chief Information Officer, is featured on the Red Hot Healthcare podcast. RED HOT HEALTHCARE is a new podcast with engaging episodes with healthcare executives and Health IT leaders that are moving the needle. To listen to the podcast, go to

Faith Regional Health System serves a rural Northeastern community in Nebraska. But don’t let their size fool you – they’ve won the prestigious MOST WIRED award from The American Hospital Association – for 4 straight years!  Steve interviews CIO leader Brian Sterud. A maverick helping to drive strong value and prudent enough to do it without wasting IT dollars:

Steve and Brian discuss:

  • What makes a great hospital CIO today (and the mistakes)
  • Key strategies for physician buy-in of EHR
  • Excellent insight on patient engagement (great exchange)
  • Data security – especially email phishing today
  • Winning the MOST WIRED award & the importance

Dr. Steve Ambrose is the host of the Red Hot Healthcare podcast. Steve was a health provider for nearly 10,000 patients – over more than 2 decades. He later transitioned into online technology, serving in strategy and consumer operations for a national company. Reaching large numbers of nationwide customers, Steve led an internal marketing team, which grew revenue by 440% from $125K to $625K per month. Plus he transformed a small call center to handle up to 3,500 incoming calls per day with increased satisfaction and new upsell opportunities.