August 6, 2015

Faith Regional takes services beyond Norfolk

When Demetrio Aguila III was a kid, it was his dream to be president of the United States. Mostly, because he thought a bridge would be named after him, like George Washington. Then he’d be able to charge a toll so he could afford a horse.

That dream faded, and while there were other clever ideas in between, he eventually came to the conclusion that he wanted to be a doctor because of his father.

His father was a medical rehab physician. Even though his father worked late hours, he would always return home with a smile, Aguila said he remembers.

"He complained a lot about the paperwork, but he never complained about taking care of patients, he never complained about the problems the patients had or the diagnostic or therapeutic dilemmas he would face trying to figure out how to best take care of people," Aguila said. "I remember thinking to myself, especially over the years, it must be very fulfilling what he does."

That idea stuck.

Today, Aguila is a reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon, as well as an otolaryngologist — someone who specializes in the ear, nose and throat — and has been at Faith Regional Health Services in Norfolk for about a year after 22 years serving as a military physician.

And, like his father, he’s found his profession fulfilling.

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