May 19, 2017

Faith Regional Participates in Full-Scale Emergency Exercise

On Thursday, May 18, Faith Regional Health Services and other area agencies participated in a full-scale emergency exercise in tandem with a state-wide exercise organized by the Healthcare Coalitions in Nebraska. During this mock emergency drill, Faith Regional received 20 ambulatory patients to be triaged and treated as a result of an earthquake in Missouri.

To meet requirements set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and The Joint Commission, this full-scale drill needed to simulate a real event as closely as possible. Therefore, people acted as patients, the hospital contacted outside agencies and had them respond in person, and the hospital simulated the release of information to the public as if it were a real emergency. 

Faith Regional regularly participates in disaster drills, both internally and with area organizations, to prepare for the event of a disaster. Past emergency exercises have included both paper drills and simulated drills.

Patients were represented by real people and cardboard cutouts.Norfolk Fire and Rescue also participated in the exercise.


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