August 6, 2015

Faith Regional Leadership Prepares for Future

Anita Brenneman firmly believes that Faith Regional Health Services is a well-kept secret.

That’s because, as the chairwoman of the hospital's board of directors, she knows exactly what the Norfolk hospital has to offer.

According to the retired nursing instructor, that's a lot.

Craig Boche, a Norfolk engineer who serves as the board’s treasurer, agrees.

"Many people don't understand or don't realize all the specialties and the advanced care we have here," Boche said. "There's a growing number of specialty physicians we have here, a great commitment in investment in technology and really a commitment from the board to the whole Faith Regional team to achieve the highest quality care and customer satisfaction."

Being an independent hospital makes that easier, Boche said.

It means decisions don't need to be OK'd by a corporate entity, which allows Faith Regional to reinvest and set strategies more quickly and based on the needs of the hospital.

"Being independent, we know what those needs are," Brenneman said. "We're not told what the needs are, we research that."

For example, Faith Regional began a multi-phase surgery expansion project in 2014, which is hoped to be completed within three to five years. The overall goals of the project are to improve patient privacy, safety and comfort.

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