August 6, 2015

Faith Regional Adapts to Changing Medical Landscape Through Expansion

You get sick, you see a doctor.

If you're sick enough, you're admitted to the hospital.

Eventually, you're discharged when and if you get better.

In a nutshell, that's the way health care used to be, said Mark Klosterman, CEO and president of Faith Regional Health Services in Norfolk.

But because of health care reform, it's not quite so simple now. Why? Wellness and prevention have become the focus.

That's evident when you look at most any hospital's statistics, including Faith Regional's.

There's been a steady decline in inpatient services, meaning fewer people are being admitted to the hospital. The numbers actually have plateaued over the past year in Norfolk, Klosterman said.

But that doesn't mean fewer people are seeing doctors. They're just seeing them as outpatients. And that, ultimately, is the goal of health care reform.

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