About Norfolk

We are a nonprofit institution that is locally owned and takes a proactive role in the community by being an integral part of the community--doing whatever it takes to improve the health of our neighbors and friends. We invite you to learn more about the community of Norfolk.

Norfolk is located in Northeast Nebraska in Madison County in the Elkhorn River Valley. U.S. Highways 81 and 275, and Nebraska Highways 24 and 35 intersect in Norfolk.

• 121 miles northwest of Omaha, NE
• 121 miles north of Lincoln, NE
• 75 miles southwest of Sioux City, IA

The Village of Norfolk was organized in 1881. The settlers proclaimed “North Fork” to be their permanent post office address, named after the river, but suggested “Norfork” as the simplest compounding of “North Fork”. Postal authorities, thinking the word had been misspelled, changed the spelling to “Norfolk”.
Norfolk offers many recreational and cultural attractions for all ages. It is a safe, affordable community with manufacturing, farming (both livestock and grain), education, retailing and wholesaling.
With a population of 25,000, you get that small town feel while having great options for shopping, eating, and so much more.

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