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FRPS Breast Care & Plastic Surgery

At Faith Regional Physician Services Breast Care and Plastic Surgery, we specialize in surgically treating diseases of the breasts, both benign and malignant. Our surgeons will typically become involved in a patient's care once an abnormal mammogram, biopsy or lump is detected as well as consult and treat patients who have already been diagnosed with a breast disease or those individuals who are at high risk for developing a breast disease. 

We also offer a range of options in breast reconstruction, including breast reshaping and reduction techniques, volume replacement techniques (including TRAM flap and DIEP flap), skin and nipple sparing surgery, and hidden scar surgery. In addition, we offer body contouring and facial cosmetics. 


Kinzie Norris, MD

Rachel Mason, MD

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  • Kinzie Norris, M.D.

    Breast Surgical Oncologist

    FRPS Breast Care & Plastic Surgery

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